We are a non-profit, artist-led residency, project, and meeting space in Redruth, Cornwall.

Whilst we remain closed to the public, we are pleased to announce that artists are now using the project space on an individual basis again.

We are very grateful to be in receipt of public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund.

Barry Amey

In September 2021 we welcome Barry Amey as our artist in residence. Amey’s practice spans printmaking, painting and 3D installation. He is looking forward to using the Back Lane West project space to work on larger scale works including a new series of laser etched perspex paintings incorporating LED lighting; experimenting with the material properties of the works as both paintings and light sculptures.

Based in Truro, Barry is heavily influenced by the Cornish landscape and its heritage. His work is often site specific and always process led, drawing on his extensive knowledge of materials. His practice is concerned with the notion of time and how we perceive it, exploring the way time can both fracture and fragment. He views each process he employs as an ‘event’ in the production of a work, with each event overlaying the last to create a sequence in the production of a complete object that belies its own multilayered past. The residency will provide an opportunity to expand on these ideas.

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Jacqui Orly Ammon

This August 9th – 22nd we welcome Jacqui Orly Ammon back to the Back Lane West project space for the completion of a residency that was cut short in March 2020.

Jacqui is a transdisciplinary artist predominantly interested in performance and installation. She has a physical relationship with her materials, often using objects that are integral and significant to her life as a mother, housewife and artist. She uses household and vocational items, in order to subvert the meaning of materials. Objects such as cars, mobile phones, food processors, furniture, bicycle wheels, children’s toys, hair, washing machines, foods: treacle, porridge, honey, ice, engine oil, paper, rubbish and money. These objects and interactions are used to recreate an internal stage which sees the world without anyone being there.

On Saturday 21st August 2021 Jacqui presented FEAR SIDE=NEUTRAL, an installation to conclude her residency at Back Lane West. The open evening ran from 6-8pm and was open to the public. It was a consolidation of thoughts on the school run and work deadlines as a surrealist metaphysical landscape, occasionally gruelling (porridge) and often rubbish (the disconcerting ability of McDonald’s wrappers to look like road kill and windblown waste & leaves like live rodents).

This is a daily story visually built depicting a place where meaning is swapped around.

Materials: household objects, food, rotational devices, furniture, ice.

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Phyllida Bluemel

Back Lane West are delighted to welcome Phyllida Bleumel for two weeks, offering Phyllida time to think about Time, which (have you noticed?) has been acting strangely of late. She will be be working on an illustrated narrative-in-progress, researching subjective, digital & deep time; appropriating medieval books of hours; and experimenting with the printed book as a place to slow down (or speed up) time as we experience it.

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