'BACK LANES' - Stuart Woodman - resident artist June

Stuart will explore walks radiating from Back Lane West - an area of Cornwall once known as "the richest square mile anywhere on earth" - documenting them photographically, and producing a small publication.

Saturday 21st June - Guided walk, 11am - 1pm
Join the artist this coming Saturday 21st June for a guided walk around some of the roads, footpaths and public rights of way in the area surrounding Back Lane West.

Thursday 3rd July - Opening, 7pm - 9pm
Exhibition of residency work - including wild food bar and buffet prepared by the artist.

My work often starts with a walk. Its always a good way to find inspiration and is often the starting point for a particular project. The end result can vary greatly, be it a photograph, a book, a text piece or a painting.
The idea behind my residency at Back Lane West came about from exploring the area around where I live, in the countryside on the outskirts of Redruth. Walking the roads, tracks and paths I discovered a deep seam of history, an area of Cornwall once known as “the richest square mile anywhere on Earth”.

My residency seeks to build on this exploration and turn it into a focused project entitled ‘Back Lanes’, walking the rights of way in the area radiating out from Back Lane West and documenting them photographically and culminating in a small publication.