BACK LANE WEST is a non-profit, artist led, residency, project, and meeting space in Redruth, Cornwall. Its aims are to support and encourage critically engaged contemporary art practice and artists' professional development, while contributing to the growth of a regionally, nationally and internationally connected, open cultural community and network in the South West.

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January 2018 sees a special and intensive 2 week slot for Falmouth University 3rd year students.

The students selected for this intensive residency include: Regan Boyce and Su_veillance collective (see below)

Regan Boyce will be working at BLW from Mon 15th Jan for 1 week...

"I work with the construction and installation of bespoke made Flat-pack sculptures. Made from self-designed and fabricated components, IKOSAEDER is a modular and adaptable geometric structure, a flat-pack sculpture. The semi-constructed sculptural form is installed alongside accompanying hand-made storage crates, screen-printed instruction manuals & large print compositions. These various objects act together in white gallery spaces to form narrative contexts, skirting the border between art objects and those of functional design. My aim is to create the illusion of function through the components, manuals and storage, functional parts to construct a completely dis-functional object. A useless Flat-pack." Regan Boyce



Su_veillance collective will be working at BLW from the 22nd January and will have an

Open Evening on Fri 26th Jan from 6pm


We are a multidisciplinary collective working and living in Falmouth, UK. Our
practice covers sound, performance, and installation. During this residency we will be exploring the act of su_veillance; self surveillance. This includes the exploration of human subjectivity within computational systems of surveillance, hardware and software, telematics, time and framed reality. By continuously recording our collective activity over the course of the residency we will gather a mass of data reflecting the vast amount of surveillance occurring during daily life. We will play with and examine the concept of the transported body through using surveillance technology within performance. We may also experiment with the possibility of controlling sound live from a remote location, reflecting the role of surveyors who can determine action from remote locations.

Charlie Day, Auguste Oldham Zac Pomphrey, Staz Rybin and Alberta Shearing