BACK LANE WEST is a non-profit, artist led, residency, project, and meeting space in Redruth, Cornwall. Its aims are to support and encourage critically engaged contemporary art practice and artists' professional development, while contributing to the growth of a regionally, nationally and internationally connected, open cultural community and network in the South West.

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Clare Thomas - Blue Tent

Home from Home - Clare Thomas

Artist talk
Friday 26th April, 6.00 - 7.30pm

Clare will share work made during her April residency exploring the nature of home. Her talk will give an overview of her practice and how this residency fits into her ongoing artistic research.

"I am obsessed by notions of home, belonging and family history. My work crosses the boundaries between the outward-looking, predominantly masculine world of fine art, and the interior, feminine world of domestic crafts. I use stitch and embroidery, cut and paste, together with drawing and painting to create a body of figurative drawings, collages, paintings and textiles whose narrative is both deeply autobiographical and universal."