We are a non-profit, artist-led residency, project, and meeting space in Redruth, Cornwall.

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Caroline Wilkins is our Resident Artist for September

Caroline Wilkins is delighted to invite you to her exhibition ‘Graveyard Shift’ at Back Lane West in Redruth later this month.

Caroline is a printmaker working in the expanded field and this body of work includes drawing, sculpture, textiles and spoken word.

The exhibition is the culmination of a long exploration into grief, starting with a year as guest artist in the graveyard at St.Euny Church in Redruth.

The exhibition is designed to create a space for conversation, Caroline will be in the gallery space each day to talk but there will also be space for quiet reflection.

The exhibition is accompanied by a small events programme.

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Lee Mc Donald Augusts Artist in Residence

“My intention during the residency is to reflect and continue to build up my archive of tests.

The tests are scenarios of movements and reactions that happen when different materials and objects are activated via motor systems inflation or other means with comical and humorous motions that refer to carton slaptic; these tests sometimes involve sound and large structures. One Idea of the test has been slowly developing into what I call abstract robotic sculpture and use programming and basic Artificial Intelligence as a way to control the motor systems. For example if the motor comes across an obstacle it reveses untangling itself from the obstruction.

The process so far has been a series of temporary sculptures and has relied on found material and has been assembled quickly without too much consideration and can be considered as sketches.

I sometimes use found objects and discarde artworks and make recognisable forms for example an airplane, racing car, helicopter or jetski that make reference to action movies, as well as the internet, social media, contemporary life, living with technology, pandemics,NFT,s and environmental issues . I use video to record the actions that happen when the sculptures are activated. This is done as a way to document the movements and to review and understand how the materials react and to have a video registration of the temporary work.

So far I have an archive that consists of over 2000 videos which vary in duration and size.

I will spend some time walking around Redruth and exploring the landscape.
I am not entirely sure what will happen during my time at BLW.”

Lee Mc Donald

Look out for further updates and end of residency open studio info

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Simon Feydieu End of residency Open View Saturday 22nd 11.00 – 5.00

We would like to invite you to meet the artist and see the work he has developed during his residency

Saturday 22nd 11.00 – 5.00

We are pleased to be hosting Simon Feydieu for our July resident artist. Simon is based in Lyon.

I haven’t been to Cornwall yet. Like most of the residents of an art residency, I am a curious person, in my own way : I spend time learning about the area, listening to local stories and particularities. Historical stuff.

Recently I became interested in Barbara Hepworth’s work. It is pretty obvious when you look at my recent works : something about the holes, the elevation, the smooth surfaces, the superposition of blocks, the absence of any kind of obvious figuration or color. I think I always knew she was related to Cornwall.

My interests is and must be superficial at first : it takes time to understand why a shape works deeply on you. It also takes time to travel to the Uk, to visit a museum. The Hepworth Museum is in St Ives. I think Patrick told me this about ten years ago when we met in Lyon. Marie and I had no children at the time. The family. It’s a subject Patrick, Jane and I might talk about over the next few weeks. It is also the title of a beautiful series of sculptures by Barbara Hepworth. Online, I watched a very odd interview from her rare television appearances. What the male journalist says about roles in a family is out of time, totally inappropriate these days. His comments on the hieriarchy of size and shapes seem partriarcal. very 70’s I suppose. I like when she says «Every sculpture must be touched ». I have been listenning. So, I guess it might be a good start. Listen to sculpture.

Simon Feydieu

Simon Feydieu, born in 1984, is a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Lyon. His work has recently been presented at Moly Sabata / Fondation Albert Gleizes in Sablons in 2023, at the CAP artothèque Centre d’art de Saint Fons in 2022 and at the Centre d’art la Halle des Bouchers center d’art contemporain de Vienne in 2021. He lives and works in Lyon and P.B.City.

Alternating phases of latency and fulgurance, where materials and their drying dictate the temporality of production, Simon Feydieu develops a studio folklore that he transposes into immersive art historical fictions, imbued with the characteristics of the exhibition space and area.


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