Coming Up

Daniel Phillips

13th January–09th February 2020

Open Evening

Saturday 8th February, 6 – 8pm

Daniel is a painter based in Redruth and currently developing an MA practice-based research project at Plymouth College of Art. He is returning to Back Lane West to continue a research trajectory examining how a contemporary painting practice could have agency in the production of presence, in the context of lost or effaced work from art history. This open evening is a chance to see new work and to speak to Daniel at the culmination of his research residency at Back Lane West.

Liz Blum

17th February–01st March 2020

Our artist-in-residence this February is Massachusetts based Liz Blum, a research-based artist whose multi-disciplinary approach produces thematic exhibits of photographs, composite photos and digital manipulations along with video and object based works. Liz is interested in a cross fertilisation of appearances that builds a wider narrative of responsibility and ownership towards pollution and climate change – challenging notions of what it means to contribute and impact the environment.

Liz will host an open evening at Back Lane West on Thursday 27th February.

Jacqui Orly

13th March–05th April 2020

Jacqui Orly will return to Back Lane West as our artist-in-residence this March. Throughout her practice Jacqui is interested in the façades and tools created by civilisation and etiquette that attempt to sublimate the more barbarous side of human nature and how this succeeds and fails across gender and class.

She’ll use her time in the BLW project space to develop The Dream of Separation; a performance about the inability of self to grasp the dual nature we appear to live in and the consequent suffering that feels like separation but isn’t. Jacqui describes this as mysticism at its most ordinary.