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BACK LANE WEST is hosting a series of informal lunch-time ALIAS Hub events through 2014. An opportunity for artists and those interested in contemporary art to discuss, share knowledge, information and ideas, access advice and make links, over a bowl of homemade soup. All welcome.

2nd Alias Hub: Saturday 8th March 2014 11.00am

Guests speakers/contributors:

Sara Bowler, Administrative Directer of Alias, will give an introduction to ALIAS, its projects and it’s developmental plans, and will be there to answer any questions.

Oliver Raymond-Barker – BLW resident artist for March – will also be talking briefly about his collaborative project with ESI researcher Dr Chris Bryan – Natural Alchemy – and about the ESI/RANE CREATIVE EXCHANGE PROGRAMME, of which this project is a part. This programme offers opportunities for collaboration between ESI researchers and creative practitioners who engage with issues of environment and sustainability in their work. There will be information about the programme, and the ESI’s rolling call for proposals.




Artists’ Hubs – an Alias initiative

Alias aims to nurture artist led activity by providing a critical context, resources and advice to artists through an advisory service, and by fostering the creation of an organic community where cooperative and collaborative projects can thrive.