Bianca Cocco

Broadcast – Bianca Cocco

Broadcast is a project Bianca was developing for her final year of study for the BA in Fine Art at Falmouth. Through it she explored how the (cultural) hegemonic systems enmeshes us, and enforces compliance and conformity.

These invisible structures could be considered an artificial layer (or entity?) circulating the earth – an intangible sphere of electromagnetic energy and information waves speeding seamlessly between borders, carrying messages that determine the quality of our existence.

An evening event was held at the culmination of Bianca’s residency on Friday 29th March, when works by artist Lian Wood were also on show.


Bianca Cocco graduated from Falmouth University in 2019, and is currently based at CAST studios in Helston, Cornwall.

Her practice tends to be weighted towards lens-based media but often hybridises analogue, digital and physical elements.  She is interested in the unique qualities within the smallest microscopic entity, the vast complexities of the cosmos and everything else in between.