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BLW Video – Bookmarked Artists: Selected by Oliver Sutherland

Friday 11th December 2009, 6-9pm & Saturday 12th 11am – 4pm

Intrinsically linked via the cartography of the hyperlink and the narrative nature of surfing the net, the works are a result of an intuitive process of browsing and collating found artists and their works. Initially viewed through websites, blogs and video sharing, Oliver Sutherland has selected the videos that he has bookmarked while trawling the Internet, at last count Sutherland’s bookmark folder, artists, contains over 500 links.

The works are presented as a form of ‘show and tell’ rather than a formal curated exhibition, placing the work, and regenerating part of a map, with a best fit approach. There are two versions of the show, or groupings of video that will be exchanged with the pieces, presenting dialogue between the works.

Øyvind Aspen – Without Title, 2008

Adam Cruces -Vertigo, 2008

Daniel Eatock – Alarm Dance 1-4, 2007

Chris Grygiel – Commando, 2007 + There’s other places besides London, 2007

Morten Norbye Halvorsen – Moon Sea Q, 2009

Oliver Laric – 787 Cliparts, 2006

Jack Killick – Skull Crush, 2006

Beth Richards – Flying a Kite (One Hour), 2009

Chris Sherron – Deep Space Diving, 2008

Hayley Silverman – First Movement, 2009

Peter Sutherland – Stabby Man, 2009

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