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Bram Thomas Arnold

Bram Thomas Arnold is the first artist to use the Back Lane West project space since the lockdown. His residency is made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund.

Bram has previously run an experimental happening called Bibliotherapy For The Anthropocene at Back Lane West and for this residency he will be returning to this work which he has been expanding recently during lockdown in a number of directions working towards the notional prospect of Bibliotherapy For The Quarantine. Outcomes from this work will be shared as part of an online symposium Art, Ecology, Emergency: Sustaining Practice on the 17th of June.

As the nation stutters out of lockdown and back into a never-again-normal version of existence Bram will spend his time at Back Lane West working on examining live digital performances via Zoom, podcasts, bibliotherapy, transecting, drawing and writing, operating under the title Including, but not limited to.
Including, but not limited to is the most commonly used phrase in Apple, and many other companies digital terms & conditions that we all just accept all the time, and like Kenny from South Park, who was once killed after accepting such conditions because he didn’t read them properly, Bram’s residency will aim to ask what exactly is the appropriate technology for this new normal, and is it killing us?


Bram Thomas Arnold is an artist who started with walking and kept going, into performance; installation; drawing; academia; broadcasting, reading and writing. His approach has manifested itself into a practice that does not restrict itself to traditional notions, boundaries, mediums or modes of practice: an ecological form of practice that is both Conceptual in its methods whilst being Romantic in its outcomes.