Bram Thomas Arnold

Bibliotherapy for the Anthropocene

Bibliotherapy for the Anthropocene is a reading group made up of two really short words and two really long ones. It is a reading group, a collective performance, a wake for a geological period we may or may not be living in. It is a performance, like a cross between a Quaker meeting group and a reconvening of the Dead Poets Society. It is deadly serious and socially awkward. It is archly comic and searching for contradiction amidst futility and hope. There will be biscuits, there will be tea, there will be really long words that are hard to say out loud, and there will be silence.

Back Lane West hosted Bibliotheraphy for the Anthropocene on 12th March, 9th April and 14th May 2019.

Bibliotherapy for the Anthropocene was developed in collaboration with the Plymouth Athenaeum, Horizon and Plymouth Culture with funding from Arts Council England.





Dr Bram Thomas Arnold is an artist who started with walking and kept going, into performance; installation; drawing; academia; broadcasting, reading and writing. His approach has manifested itself into a practice that does not restrict itself to traditional notions, boundaries, mediums or modes of practice: an ecological form of practice that is both Conceptual in its methods whilst being Romantic in its outcomes.

As an artist Bram has built a piece of road in a forest, learned to translate Lithuanian, carried 60 English novels to New York, and set out to walk from his home in London to the place of his birth in Switzerland. His ecological practice has been exhibited broadly in the UK as well as abroad in exhibitions from New York to St. Petersburg. Most recently his practice based PhD was published by the University of the Arts London in 2016. He is currently Research Fellow in Digital Arts & Ecology at Falmouth University as well as a practicing artist. Recent exhibitions include Manifesta Collatoral Projects, Palermo, 2018 and S.T.E.P., Flux Factory, New York, 2018. He lives and works in ‘Druth and is a Back Lane West Associate Artist.