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Catherine Haines

An Overview of Inanimate Objects

Do you think that the appearance of religious imagery in nature is the result of design or fluke? For how much would you sell a simulacrum of Christ that you found in a slice of bread? Do you see faces in the clouds? What is an ‘obby ‘oss? Do you think inanimate objects have a perverse or spiteful side to their nature? Have you ever believed as a child that toys come alive as soon as you fall asleep? Do you have any proof of this? Do you think masks are timeless? What is your first childhood memory? Do you have photographs of yourself that pre-date your first memory? Does everything in nature possess human characteristics? Why do we anthropomorphize? Do dogs resemble their owners? Can you read someone like a book? Would you like to be cloned? Would your clone dislike mushrooms too? Do you think caricatures are a genuine likeness of their subjects? Have you ever been on a game show? Would you recognize your partner by their lips alone? When did you last blush? Does wearing a mask turn you into an object? Why do Vikings have horns on their helmets? Do you think death masks have any resemblance to the deceased? Is a map an alternative to reality? Have you ever got lost despite following a map? Do you think you are photogenic? When you pose for the camera is that a true representation of how you feel? When you are concentrating what face do you pull? What is your fancy dress costume of choice? Is there really a man in the moon? Do you have an alter ego? What is their name? Does type have a face? Do you collect things?