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Nadia Peters and Phil Riley

Manchester-based artist, Nadia Peters, and a Cyprus-based artist, Philip Riley, will undertake four weeks of responses to the man-made and natural environments of Redruth, building on a collaborative approach inspired by a recent artist’s residency at Cyprus College of Art. This college is based in Lemba, Paphos.


Both artists work with recycled or re-interpreted materials found in the local environment. At a time when more and more people are working from home but ordering food and goods online creating many more packaging solutions, some non-biodegradable and, at a time, when some of the more affluent are using the pandemic to reimagine their physical space through building projects so much more physical material has become available. Nadia and Phil are both artists who are able to manipulate these new resources to record our responses to the locality.

Both artists have undertaken a series of residences (independently) that respond directly to the site in which the residency is based. This conversation with the locality will be the starting point for all work they produce at Back Lane West; the significance of Redruth as a mining area and the natural beauty of West Cornwall are key to them welcoming this exciting residency opportunity.