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Daniel Bethell & Sonja Johansson

f u t u r e Рo r e / Daniel Bethell and Sonja Johansson

Open Evening: Friday 30th June 2017, 5pm – 9pm

Open: Saturday 1st July 2017, 10am – 4pm

Graduate Residency 2017 ‘Transitions’ supported by Falmouth University.

Future-ore resides in the cortex of Redruth and is powered by their profitable history in copper and tin mining. The success is now grounded into a state of absence. A memory awaiting rejuvenation. The streets appear empty as imagery of the past paints a distance between the present. The community is tethered to the past without any direction of the future. Whilst the location is scattered with engine houses and chimney stacks all overgrown with nature, they stand as monuments. This architectural heritage is stamped with high street branding to regenerate the area but transcends into a pit of sameness.

These issues point towards a new mineral.