Edward Rowe & Isabel Ramos

Zoom: Pitch White / Edward Rowe and Isabel Ramos

Open Evening: Wednesday 22nd June 2016, 5pm -10pm

Falmouth University Graduate Residency at Back Lane West June 2016

Zoom: Pitch White is an immersive art event as the culmination of the graduate residency at Back Lane West undertaken by Edward Rowe and Isabel Ramos.

The evening promises encounters of digital and live explorations, from absurd extrapolations to enticing marks. The works are reflections upon the over-saturated information age, focusing through different lenses on how its effects are felt on participants and throughout the artistic process.

Ramos explores interaction and encounter using a fantastical nascent species – The Living Marks. She poses challenges to patterns of automatised behaviours and perceptions, encouraging the audience to focus more on the present moment.

Rowe’s preoccupation with architectural space is manifested through digital sampling and the creation of arbitrary relationships, resulting in both sculptural and video works.