Gareth Wilde & Rosie McGinn

PLASIZMO – Gareth Wilde & Rosie McGinn

Falmouth University Selected Graduate Residency – June 2015

Come along to a transformed Back Lane West: Friday 26th June 2015,  7-10pm



Gareth Wilde

Born in Manchester in 1981, Gareth currently works in Falmouth, Cornwall, where he is about to graduate with BA (Hons) Fine Art from Falmouth University. Gareth works individually and collaboratively across sculpture, video, installation, spatial intervention, sound, text, performance and curatorial practice. Gareth’s practice draws from a variety of influences, ranging from: Pop culture, queer culture, nightclubs, game shows, art history, historiography, classicism, romanticism, gothic subculture, punk, theatre, literature, architecture, design, statues, referees, bodybuilding, beauty pageants, classic filmography, fetish, kitsch, symbols, language and codes. His work is often installed within institutions, such as: boardrooms, offices, libraries and stately homes, exploring public and private sensibilities, and both in- and exclusions.


Rosie McGinn

Rosie’s current practice approaches questions of contentment and elation alongside a fast-paced, unsatisfied and entirely visual society. The work looks at physically stretching materials to their limits; this has recently surfaced through a combination of video, installation and sculptural pieces – kinetic and static.

In reference to her most recent work, the viewer is invited to enter into an inflatable viewing room in order to watch a video piece. Surrounded by a permanent intake of air, the walls of the room are endlessly topped up via computer fans; like someone holding their breath the viewer is frozen in a moment of inflation, elation and perhaps an anticipation that it may deflate (or exhale) at any given moment. Illusions of comfort combined with dark connotations allow the viewer to reflect and translate their own interpretations of the work whilst an unavoidable sense of humour running through provides light relief.

The video mentioned is a ‘compilation’ of personal footage alongside appropriated footage from the internet. Particularly with the process of making in mind (the YouTubing, the holiday video searching, finding that scene in the movie) the video is looking for that ultimate moment of elation. A feeling of complete and utter contentment, whether it is being pursued or is happening without realisation.
Like the computer fans the video endlessly tops up the viewers mind with positive, relatable and occasionally extreme moments of joy.