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Sapience Residency – Idonie Collective

Public talk & Dinner: Thursday 19th July 2018, 6:00 – 9:00pm

This residency is conceived as a time of research, of meeting in favor of doing together and a reflection on the wisdom of living and inhabiting. The backdrop will be regular interviews between the three protagonists of Idoine – Jeremy Glatre, Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni, Pascale Riou – and Patrick Lowry and Jane Lowry, founders of Back Lane West.

This research residency entitled Sapience Residency will result in an exhibition including a textual production, art works in collaboration between the participants, and a public event to share the work in progress. This will be based on questions concerning the ecosophy and thought of the philosophers Tim Ingold and Arne Naess that we will dialogue occasionally.

Sapience means the wisdom that comes from the heart, connects the theory and the acts; it is a practice which invites to consider the inking of the gestures and their effects in the long term. Patrick Lowry and Jane Lowry chose to settle in the southwestern tip of the United Kingdom, in Cornwall, a poorly urbanized region, whose rocky shores and ancient tin and copper mines dot the landscape at this end of the world.

The observation of this landscape, of the manner in which Back Lane West is inscribed in it, the rhythms and practices that this entails will thus constitute the starting point of our collaboration.



Idoine is a tool made by 3 persons since 2014 : Jérémy Glâtre (graphic designer), Éléonore Pano-Zavaroni (artist) and Pascale Riou (art historian and curator).
Idoine aims to think and create ad hoc situations : exhibitions, sculptures, drawings, workshops, editions.

Idoine is a collective artistic project. It is a tool for us to question our own way of working and doing, alone and together.
Idoine is also a tool thought to bring us further than we will go alone. It is a way to exchange ideas and desires, to communicate, to do together and to share a working process.

Idoine organises different events as exhibitions, workshops, lectures, round tables in collaboration with art centres, institutions and high schools of art. Recently, Idoine curated ‘Cluster’ in collaboration with Duplex100m2 Gallery (Supermarket, Stockholm, 2016) ; the curating of Seuil in the frame of the exhibition Arrière Plan (Solarium Tournant, Aix-les-Bains, 2016) ; Werkzeit Residency at Soej Kritik (Fugitif, Leipzig, 2017) ; the workshop Research and Writings at the High School of Art of Limoges (2018) ; the round table “Which place for the artist-run spaces today?”, Swedish Institut of Paris (2016). Idoine has participated to collective exhibitions as Paper Days (La Tôlerie, Clermont-Ferrand, 2018) ; Carbone 18 Biennale at Les Forces Motrices (Saint-Etienne, 2018).

Since 2015, Idoine is making an aperiodic and bilingual conversations magazine. The title of the magazine is ‘Idoine’. It is a magazine about life and work economy that we each create for ourselves, about the tools we use to create our freedom. Each issue is dedicated to one guest and is made up of conversation and images, used as another way of answering questions.