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A contemporary art festival over four days, 25th-28th September, in Redruth, Cornwall.

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Exhibitions, events, performances, films, talks, and workshops.

Back Lane West showed the work of four artists as part of THE PLAYERS’ CLUB strand of the festival.

Images: John Wood & Paul Harrison – Arabella Pio – Phil Magee – Roderick Maclachlan


John Wood & Paul Harrison, Roderick Maclachlan, Arabella Pio and Phil Magee

Play – the festival’s leading theme – is a concept or process often used by artists in their work as a creative tool, and to open a space in which to develop enquiry. Social and cultural landscapes particularly can be opened to view through the use of ideas and processes around play.

The four artists showing their work as part of the BLW programme use, or reference, play and recreation in the pieces presented. Harrison & Wood and Magee, create tensions between conditions and desires of play and of work, Maclachlan plays with the physical immediacy and affect of an analogue technology, while Pio considers power relations involved in a ‘game’ that includes surveillance.

Below is a copy of the INLAND ART FESTIVAL newsletter about the programme, schedule, and artists