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Jacqui Orly, The Absence of Individuality, 2015, collected hair

The Art of Death – Jacqui Orly

Open Evening: Saturday 28th March 2015, 4.30 – 7.00pm
Residency, concluding event – installation performance… work in process/progress.

“This is a work in process. That of visionary philosophy. It parallels my own seeming life, and as one is disappearing so another opens up, or is already open and always has been. The opportunity here is of boundlessness; a coming together of polar opposites – paradise and the end of apparent duality.

As part of this event, Jacqui is collecting short sound pieces – recorded on a mobile phone – in response to individual chess pieces: bishop, knight, castle, queen, pawn, etc. So – if you fancy – join in and bring along your own recorded response on your phone. Jacqui will play the recordings at the event. (Of course, audience from Jacqui’s previous event please do bring along your recordings!)

Come along to Redruth on Saturday 28th March afternoon and catch these two brilliant art events showing within 50 yds!
CMR Art Book & Print Fair – 12.00-6pm – Details here
BLW Residency Event, Jacqui Orly – 4.30-7.00pm

Events overlap between 4.30pm and 6pm – BLW continues to 7pm

Absence of Individuality – Jacqui Orly

Open Evening: Friday 6th March 2015, 7pm – 9pm

“This is an installation of is about identity and the lack of it in the face of too much scrutiny ..when the search becomes literally splitting hairs and the outcomes so infinite, all that can be realised is to give up trying and relax into whatever comes next. “Absence of Individuality” means that any fun can be had and so there is the possibility here of movement to another opening.

The audience may want to participate in a game of be revealed at the end of March”

Jacqui’s residency continues through March…

ALSO on Friday 6th March 1pm – 2pm at Redruth Library

BLW and Jacqui Orly will be joining ‘Artists’ Lunch Break’, part of the 3-day Loop the Loop events and artists’ workshops at Redruth Library, to give a short talk about Jacqui’s residency and BLW. (Free but Booking advised)

Click here for more information about Loop the Loop events.