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Jacqui Orly Ammon

This August 9th – 22nd we welcome Jacqui Orly Ammon back to the Back Lane West project space for the completion of a residency that was cut short in March 2020.

Jacqui is a transdisciplinary artist predominantly interested in performance and installation. She has a physical relationship with her materials, often using objects that are integral and significant to her life as a mother, housewife and artist. She uses household and vocational items, in order to subvert the meaning of materials. Objects such as cars, mobile phones, food processors, furniture, bicycle wheels, children’s toys, hair, washing machines, foods: treacle, porridge, honey, ice, engine oil, paper, rubbish and money. These objects and interactions are used to recreate an internal stage which sees the world without anyone being there.

On Saturday 21st August 2021 Jacqui presented FEAR SIDE=NEUTRAL, an installation to conclude her residency at Back Lane West. The open evening ran from 6-8pm and was open to the public. It was a consolidation of thoughts on the school run and work deadlines as a surrealist metaphysical landscape, occasionally gruelling (porridge) and often rubbish (the disconcerting ability of McDonald’s wrappers to look like road kill and windblown waste & leaves like live rodents).

This is a daily story visually built depicting a place where meaning is swapped around.

Materials: household objects, food, rotational devices, furniture, ice.


Jacqui Orly Ammon is a graduate of Falmouth University whose work has been exhibited internationally.

Their recent work includes; Common Demoninator a piece first created for So You Think you Know Where You Are Going? at Enys House and recreated for Plymouth Art Weekender 2019, which comprised of One thousand pounds in ten or five pound notes strewn on the floor; HERM/APHRODITE a primitive atavistic performance on gender created in the pools of Aphrodite for the Milena Principle project Made Of Walking on the Akamas Peninsula, Cyprus in 2018; and I Want to be Loved by You a public performance created for the Marathon workshop in Berlin, in 2017.

For more information on Jacqui’s work visit or @orlyammon on instagram.