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Janet McEwan

Placard Making

Resident artist for April 2012 – concluded her residency with a really successful, thought and discussion provoking, Placard Making Workshop, brought in association with, and response to CMR’s ‘SAVE OUR PLACARDS’ exhibition made from Goldsmiths students’ collection of placards made and used for The March for the Alternative on 26th March 2011.

“On 26 March 2011, 500,000 people marched through London in protest against government spending cuts. The March For The Alternative was one of the largest demonstrations ever seen in the UK. To mark the day, the Save Our Placards team from Goldsmiths asked people to leave their protest material at a tree in Hyde Park. Hundreds of people left us their placards, banners and costumes. And we’ve been working hard to find new audiences for the material ever since.”
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The placards made at the open workshop were subsequently displayed in a shop window in Redruth’s high street. They were also paraded round the town, and some were used in the real demonstrations against the threatened ‘Pasty Tax’.