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Lee Mc Donald Augusts Artist in Residence

“My intention during the residency is to reflect and continue to build up my archive of tests.

The tests are scenarios of movements and reactions that happen when different materials and objects are activated via motor systems inflation or other means with comical and humorous motions that refer to carton slaptic; these tests sometimes involve sound and large structures. One Idea of the test has been slowly developing into what I call abstract robotic sculpture and use programming and basic Artificial Intelligence as a way to control the motor systems. For example if the motor comes across an obstacle it reveses untangling itself from the obstruction.

The process so far has been a series of temporary sculptures and has relied on found material and has been assembled quickly without too much consideration and can be considered as sketches.

I sometimes use found objects and discarde artworks and make recognisable forms for example an airplane, racing car, helicopter or jetski that make reference to action movies, as well as the internet, social media, contemporary life, living with technology, pandemics,NFT,s and environmental issues . I use video to record the actions that happen when the sculptures are activated. This is done as a way to document the movements and to review and understand how the materials react and to have a video registration of the temporary work.

So far I have an archive that consists of over 2000 videos which vary in duration and size.

I will spend some time walking around Redruth and exploring the landscape.
I am not entirely sure what will happen during my time at BLW.”

Lee Mc Donald

Look out for further updates and end of residency open studio info