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Liam Jolly and Krystle Patel

The final artists taking on the Back Lane West space this year are Krystle Patel and Liam Jolly, one based in London and the other in Cornwall, who will be presenting their project Pa-ra-did-dle. Until recently the pair had never met in person yet have collaborated to produce this project exploring ideas around what it is to be present through uncertainty and valuing process over final product, resulting in this dual site exhibition. The first iteration took place at Turf Projects, Croydon in November; this is the Cornish version.

Initially introduced at random for The Exchange, an online arts exchange programme set up by East Side Projects in Birmingham – and as a consequence of previous failed pairings – they took instant joy that chance had thrown them together, only to discover deep rooted similarities. These were not just specific to the way they approached and thought about their work, but also involved their interests, and specifically their relationship and experiences with beats, rhythms, sound and music. Both described the feeling of those fleeting moments when a relationship between things in a particular time and space come together to make sense, and sometimes don’t. They believe these experiences to be wholly personal and beyond control. Slippage’s between layers of consciousness within an instant, that encourages focus on the value of one’s momentary presence and contentment. A quiet internal pleasure.

Sharing material over several months – captured from isolated and personal, yet otherwise quite insignificant moments via text message – a dialogue composed of image, text and sound has evolved into a language enabling the pair to focus the work around ideas of coincidence, beats and bonds, that has resulted in an installation that presents an environment featuring many of these interrelating rhythms.

The opening reception of Pa-ra-did-dle at Back Lane West will be from 5pm on Saturday 11th December and all are very welcome to attend. The show continues over the weekend, opening from 11am-5pm on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th December.


Liam Jolly is an artist and musician based in Redruth, Cornwall. He is interested in when something is considered to be an artwork and when it is not, where the audience experience of it starts and ends and how blurring these boundaries can affect meaning. His works in paint, film, sound, performance and public intervention attempt to balance in this space where one thing becomes another. He also runs Auction House, a project space and studio provider in the town.

Recent exhibitions, awards and residencies include Pa-ra-did-dle (with Krystle Patel), TURF Projects, Croydon; Antibodies, Make Tank, Exeter; Your Foot in my Face and other Tectonic Strategies, Kingsgate Project Space, London; Where is the Way to Arcadia? in So the Red Rose, Tyman & Webster, Arkadien festival, Ebersberg Kunstverein, Germany. 2021; Synethesia, Online Project 2020, Amen Brother, Exeter Phoenix Artists Moving Image Commission 2018; Structures, Newlyn Art Gallery; between us, Back Lane West, Redruth; The Cornwall Workshop led by Christina Mackie. 2017.


Krystle is a London-based Asian artist born in Texas, US. Language as a medium, in its most abstract and literal senses, influences her current research and the modes with which she aims to communicate via a layered multi-sensory framework. She is interested in concepts of emotional, spatial and temporal infiltration and connectivity as well as how digitisation has influenced the boundaries between public and private spaces. Krystle works via multiple processes often without a clear resolution in mind and relationships therefore form an anchor around which she may navigate. In her use of geometry, colour and texture, she attempts to locate a space between opposing ideas to create a sense of uncertainty, the answering of a question with yet another.

Krystle’s first degree was in Dentistry and she continues to work part time whilst participating on the MFA programme at Goldsmith’s University. She has exhibited in London and around the UK as well as in online exhibitions with Shrine gallery in New York. Currently she is participating in a collective programme through Eastside Gallery (Birmingham) with other institutions around the country and has recently shown collaborative works in the 2021 edition of Deptford X with a focus on community engagement. Krystle has a monthly radio show with Aaja music exploring the sound aspects of her work, she has been selected for this year’s Bloomberg New Contemporaries and has work in the Government Art Collection.