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Open Evening: Friday 1st December 2017, 5pm-9pm

Presentation of works and outcomes that mark the end of Liam’s month-long residency. There will also be a performance by Liam’s band Wolf Note directly after this event at the nearby Charlie’s Bar / 9pm / free entry.

CAST Cornwall Workshop

Prior to his residency in November Liam was a participant in the fourth Cornwall Workshop led by internationally celebrated artist Christina Mackie. Like its predecessors, this was a week-long intensive residential workshop for artists, curators and writers based in Cornwall and the South West, organised by CAST and hosted at Kestle Barton on the Lizard peninsula.


With an interest in the shift in meaning that takes place between a fiction and a reality, Liam Jolly’s works are the products of a process based practice that attempts to exist within the transition between these opposing yet slippery concepts.

From conception and production through to their dissemination and reception it is this process, and the subverting of it, that he finds most intriguing, as it is here that he can try to make something that can create a fiction or question reality.

What does working in this way do to the role of the artwork, where is the work and where does the audience experience of it start and end? Does the art object itself become redundant and what meaning does this have in a wider social and political context? These are all questions that he has been exploring during his month long residency at BLW.