Liv Gravil

Liv Gravil is a painter, drawer, and inventor of impossible places. Her practice focuses on the draw of strange experiences and the act of trying to understand them through storytelling. In trying to imagine inhabiting impossible places (darkness, void space; movements underground and into space and time) she considers a perspective that is fascinated with discomfort as opposed to afraid of it. Through a focus on the external weirdness of place, she aims to develop a language with which to discuss the internal weirdnesses of personhood.

Liv is the 2020 recipient of the Back Lane West graduate residency award supported by Falmouth School of Art. She intends to use her residency to continue her explorations at the intersection of
story and image-making.


Liv Gravil graduated from the Fine Art BA programme at Falmouth University in 2020. She recently participated in Inter Alia a Painter’s Network Southwest Instagram project led by Nina Royle and Dan Howard-Birt which took the form of a series of conversations asking what it means to translate a physical painting show into one that is virtual: what is lost and what is gained in this translation?