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Mikey Croft & Bianca Cocco

Open Evening: Friday 1st June 2018, 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Mikey Croft ——————– Bianca Cocco

Mikey and Bianca are 2nd yr students at Falmouth University, and have been working at Back Lane West during an intensive 2 week residency to try out new ideas, which the University no longer provides the space for. They would like to invite you to see how those ideas have been developing.


Bianca Cocco

Bianca works across many mediums and seeks to create parameters within her practice in which chance elements and the unexpected can exist. She strives to explore metaphorical derivatives within her work to allow a continuous dialogue between process and outcome.

During her intensive residency at Back Lane West, she intends to investigate the shifts in defining boundary and flow.

Mikey Croft

“I have found that, for me, Art serves as a language; an essential means of non-verbal expression. It enables me to display the thoughts, feelings and curiosities that I have experienced, making me the 21 year old I am today.
Communicating these deeply felt influences with clarity, can only be done through my art in whatever medium feels appropriate.
Each piece evolves as part of my conscious and unconscious thought processes; gaining momentum and size, like a snowball grows as it travels down a mountainside, only defining itself when it comes to rest.”