Nayoung Kim & Yesul Kim

Little Dance 2017 (BLW) Nayoung Kim, Yesul Kim, & Junyoung Park

Night Club – Nayoung Kim and Yesul Kim

Open evening, Talk & Dinner: Thursday 20th September 2018

Arrive from 17.30 to see Nayoung and Yesul’s work Night Club, talk starts about 18.30.

Join us to see Nayoung and Yesul’s work Night Club and to join the talk/discussion with the artists and Back Lane West director Patrick Lowry. The artists have come to BLW from Seoul, South Korea, where they are based. Nayoung is taking part in her third residency at Back Lane West, and Yesul in her second.


Nayoung Kim is a South Korean artist currently based in Seoul, having previously lived and worked for 12 years in Paris. She is fascinated by raw material, by each individual’s energy, and the elegance of chance. Her works are gentle, suspended, and refined moments; architectural pieces with subtle clues of human activities, direction and languages.

Yesul Kim is also a Korean artist living and working in Seoul. She works both as an artist and a graphic designer, running the graphic design studio Platinum. In her art work Yesul is interested in examining the relationships between people, society and environment and exploring these relationships through audience participation. Recently she worked on the Artist Survival Project through which she questioned – with irony – how artists should position themselves in an art system and who are those best qualified to be an artist.

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