Robin Dowell

S T A T I C I S L A N D Robin Dowell

Private View Evening: Friday 28th July 2017, 5pm – 8pm

Drop-in Saturdays: 15th/22nd/29th July 2017, 10am – 3pm

An invitation to the culmination of Robin Dowell’s Inland Art Festival Residency Award at Back Lane West, running throughout July.

Robin is working in and from the BLW space, exploring a body of work and ideas which consider the Tywarnhayle mining area around Porthtowan, Cornwall. Once heavily mined for famously rich seams of copper, the area is dominated by reminders of its post-industrial nature. Romanticised as a symbol of Cornish innovation and industrial might, the true heritage of these activities are more ambiguous; SSSI status celebrates rarer flora which survive in this otherwise inhospitable environment, mine-water runoff inhibits the photosynthesis of grass by the stream’s banks and the rock is pitted with tunnels. In Static Island Dowell aims to respond to the deep topography of Tywarnehayle, considering this landscape as a powerful metaphor for not only our relationship with the earth, but also with each other.