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Anna and Annis from Shallal Dance Theatre – exploring studio photography

Shallal Studios and Friends

Open Evening Friday 31st October 2014

Come and see the large range, and scale, of work produced during the residency at BLW – and meet the artists!

Welcome to Shallal Studios, an inclusive platform for artists in Cornwall and a contemporary forum for inclusive arts everywhere. Shallal enjoys working in cross art forms and we are excited about this residency opportunity to explore new work.

The residency will incorporate as many Studio artists and associate artists as possible, to enable artists to work on a bigger scale, explore installations, projection, new collaborations, performance and cross art forms. We have Jo Lumber as writer in residence for one week, thanks to a partnership with Falmouth Art Gallerys new project.

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Further information on the artists and programme:

October 1st:
Anna and Annis from Shallal Dance Theatre – exploring studio photography.

October 3rd, 10th
Eddie Callis and Stuart Blackmore exploring installation.

October 8,9,13,14,15th
Shallal Studio Artists: Zoe Wilton, Toby Bridge, Sam While, Eddie Callis (, with guests Rory and Jeanette, and including: Colin Curbishley supporting artist along with Lou Brett and Laura Menzies and creative director Jo Willis.

October 11,12th
Laura Menzies – exploring her own work over this weekend, as well as supporting Shallal Studio artists over several other days.

October 7,16,18,19th
Jo Lumber – writer in residence, funded by Falmouth Art Gallery. Jo normally works to specific projects, so this opportunity will allow her to explore new ideas, creating collaborations and community involvement.

October 20th to 24th
Melanie Young – creating new work over four days – large drawings to share at the end. “Working on a large scale could be exciting as it’s something that I haven’t had the opportunity to do for about 12 years”

October 25th & 26th
Mike Brett, Lou Brett – showing an exhibition of work.