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Sharing Day: Saturday 24th November 2018, 1:00 – 3:00pm

“We are better together”

We are Better Together is Shallal’s November 2018 inclusive cross-art form Residency.

This is the fifth year of Shallal’s annual Autumn collaborative residency at Back Lane West, where they invite both their core artists with support needs and many other interested artists to support and collaborate in their diverse, cross-art forms and endeavours.

This year’s residency has 22 returning artists and 15 new artists of all ages and abilities, it includes:
– quiet solo studio time for professional artists,
– interactive studio time for artists with support needs,
– prolonged time in a professional studio for gap year emerging artists,
– time for families to create and explore cross art form installations together

The 2018 residency includes:

Art, Dance, Spoken Word, Improvised Music, Film, Photography, Costume, Art for public enjoyment… As well as time for developing ideas and collaborations, confidence and outlets….. all of it! Dreaming and Scheming!


Shallal is an inclusive arts charity based in Cornwall. They celebrate diversity, ability and community, and are a flagship of inclusive arts practice. Shallal has been described as “one of Cornwall’s great hidden treasures.”