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Su_veillance collective

Open Evening: Friday 26th January 2018, 5.30 – 8.00pm

Su_veillance’s work is the culmination of an intensive one week residency at Back Lane West. This week was the second of two provided for selected Falmouth University 3rd year students to test and develop their work in a dedicated gallery space.



We are a multidisciplinary collective working and living in Falmouth, UK.

Our practice covers sound, performance, and installation. During this residency we will be exploring the act of su_veillance; self surveillance. This includes the exploration of human subjectivity within computational systems of surveillance, hardware and software, telematics, time and framed reality. By continuously recording our collective activity over the course of the residency we will gather a mass of data reflecting the vast amount of surveillance occurring during daily life. We will play with and examine the concept of the transported body through using surveillance technology within performance. We may also experiment with the possibility of controlling sound live from a remote location, reflecting the role of surveyors who can determine action from remote locations.

Su_veillance collective are:

Charlie DayAuguste Oldham Zac PomphreyStaz RybinAlberta Shearing