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Veronica Vickery

Join us for a crit session at Back Lane West on the afternoon of Friday 28th June from 3-5pm.

The session will be built around an informal showing of work in progress arising from Veronica Vickery’s Poniou Project. This project, part of her doctoral research, is focused on a moorland stream in West Penwith that was the centre of a localized storm in 2009. The storm devastated a section of the coastline, with loss of life and substantial damage to the tourist industry. Set against a backdrop of framed cultural-heritage landscape, Veronica is visiting and revisiting the site, looking at the processes that shape the short life of the stream before it reaches the sea. How might working with the life of the stream lead to the generation of images in the studio that challenge sedimented, static forms of representation and received notions of landscape?

The session will be led by Dr Iain Biggs from the PLaCE Research Consortium based in Bristol.

3pm – Welcome & presentation by Veronica: Disrupted coastlines: unsettling the image?
3.30pm – tea and cake
4pm – discussion of the work installed in the space, led by Iain Biggs

The project is based in the Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter at Tremough, supported by Dr Caitlin DeSilvey, Dr John Wylie and Dr Iain Biggs (UWE) and funded by the AHRC.