Week two of Falmouth 3rd year Fine Art Residencies

This week we are pleased to be hosting artist Alice Plummer, Joely Mae Greally and Agata Flamimika

Alice Plummer works majorly in drawing and printmaking, taking inspiration from her surroundings and memories she uses a bold and unruly style to explore themes of the human condition. She integrates aspects of magical realism by fusing the familiar with the fantastical often using animals as stand-ins for human personalities, distorting the proportions and placing them in derelict landscapes to battle their fears and desires. Alice endeavours to transcend the boundaries of her own reality to comprehend it better.
IG: @cushydoo

Joely Mae Greally (born 2001, Manchester) employs a Lo-Fi and D.I.Y way of working which encompasses language, moving image, performance, print, sound and video. Greally’s work inspects the capacity for queered utopias drawing on influences from pop culture and underground scenes. Within her practice, she investigates an incorporeal response to the presence of power within heteronormative thresholds; whilst contemplating matters of pleasure, pain, obsession and care within the parameters of queer embodied experience – both physical and non-physical.
IG: @joelymaegreally

agata flaminika:
i’m a multidisciplinary artist using performance as the main medium. i’m passionate about semiotics, liminality, identity, belonging, folklore, and magic. i recognise my work as a part of my spiritual practice and a tool for self – enquiry. i like when material guides me throughout my alchemical process. i work intuitively, spontaneously, and chaotically through re-enactment, accidents, and mistakes.
through facilitating workshops that explored improvisation, playfulness, embodiment, listening, feeling and connection with nature in the context of contemporary performance practice and live/ body art; i created project playhouse collective. our goal is to approach art and the process of making in a holistic way, transforming the rules, following what feels accurate, and unlearning what does not serve us anymore.
IG: @alchemyoftheprocess